Kern Frost

Over the last few years I’ve produced an array of novels and ‘How To’ books inspired by my relationships, friends, coaching clients, as well as the entrepreneurial adventures I’ve had all over the world. I’ve chased the meaning of life from Hong Kong to Dubai, California to Switzerland, and Lebanon to Azerbaijan, to name but a few of the countries I’ve lived in.

My explorations have taken me deep into not only the hidden cultures of the world, but also into the darker recesses of the mind to find what makes people tick; people just like you and people just like me. As well as what holds the majority of humanity back from realising its full potential.

The results can be found in books like ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’, ‘90%’, or ’21 Weeks’, books that paint a picture of hope and persistent faith in humanity’s potential to aspire to become one race, rather than divided by religion, politics, money, greed and ignorance.

The world is for the first time in history, at a place where the future is in all our hands to mould the way we would like it to be. It’s a window of opportunity that won’t last very long….

The Wealth Activation System will hopefully inspire a few individuals to get the ball of evolution rolling in the right direction…..




Combining a range of advanced toning and stretching exercises with neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis, we have created a powerful program that dramatically changes posture, stamina, and mental well-being for women; used by professional ballerinas all over the world to maintain the perfect figure.


A unique personal development program, laser focused on three core values:, making money, personal power, and helping others change society for the better. Having taken three years to refine, and supported by over half a million words and countless videos, the 21 week program is designed to find and develop aspirational minds, so their full potential can be realised with a view to creating a better future for all.


A crowd funding initiative to create promo videos for prospective feature films and propose them to production companies and studios. This really is an exciting project, that has the potential to make great movies as well as give investors and supporters alike a great return.


Now established for ten years, the clinic continues to flourish in Switzerland and London. Combining peak performance coaching with  hypnosis and NLP, we provide solutions to many issues including: confidence, stress relief, pain relief, weight loss, as well as developing the creative potential in our clients to achieve their personal and financial aspirations.


My coaching work takes me all over the world working with private individuals on a variety of topics. Mostly I work through referral, with people who want to take the next step up their ladder of life and enlightenment. As always, the perfect match for any client  is a coach who can advise and guide from a point of knowledge and insight, and in this regard I work with both career and business issues as well as relationships.

The Wealth Activation System gives me the opportunity to work with many people at a time, however a drink and a bite to eat with a client is always a welcome diversion into deeper and sometimes very complex issues.

I tend to work with individuals who would like to embrace a holistic approach to life that involves the mind, body and spirit, but always with an eye on achievement rather than just a therapeutic ear.


My artwork represents my love of the wild, although you don’t get too many of these cats hanging around Switzerland where I spend a good deal of my time.

On occasion I take on commissions of much loved animals including birds of prey and race horses for private Middle Eastern clients.

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