Kern Frost Coaching

Life was given to us 1 billion years ago, it’s up to us to do something useful with it.

Choosing a coach depends on the results you want to achieve, thus the level of expertise and awareness you would like to access. Training as a coach — equally so.

My specialisation is developing higher levels advanced thinking in my clients and in my students, in order to increase their ability to fully access their potential. The program I run is unique in the field of personal or business development, for it opens up the individual’s mind beyond who they think they are from a  limited social identity, into a highly developed sense of awareness and creativity in line with an authentic identity.

The results are outstanding, with massively increased problem solving and creative abilities, that ensures the individual can develop and direct their relationship, career or business with a high level of personal freedom and power.


My Approach

Everyone has suppressed potential, held back by conditioned, self-defeating, subconscious thought patterns, in line with many issues stemming from social conformity. My role is:

  • To optimise your thinking and communication skills.
  • Establish your authentic identity beyond social validation.
  • Give you more meaning and purpose, so you have a firm direction.
  • Increase your confidence and creativity to develop your life, your way.

Thus taking you beyond what your expectations currently allow, so you can take the appropriate action to make the right moves, that will simply and effectively change your life.

My methods are unique, derived from a thirty-five year journey through international business and psychology. I work with long-term issues, crisis problems and developmental aspirations, with a view to creating permanent change and higher levels of awareness.

Examples of my research and development work in this area can be seen in fitness programs such as as well as advanced mind mapping programs like, culminating in the  Council For Human Development, a global social development system, bringing private sponsorship to personal growth.

My first exploratory meetings are 90 minutes long and are 250chf. During this time I will asses where you are, what limits you and point you in the right direction.




This month I released two new books, that whilst on the surface may seem wildly different subjects, but in truth they aren’t so far from each other as you might think.

Blockchain Billions & The Crypto Revolution is a great book for beginners who want to find out about crypto currencies as well as just how far the revolution of blockchain will take us. You can download a free copy by clicking on the image and filling in the pop up. It includes a mini course with the download.

FROM THE BEDROOM TO THE BOARDROOM is 280 pages of hard core advice for women. If you’re looking to master every aspect of your life, from men to business, then this book is for you. The book forms the first part of a two part program, the second being an online video course.