This month I released two new books, that whilst on the surface may seem wildly different subjects, but in truth they aren’t so far from each other as you might think.

Blockchain Billions & The Crypto Revolution is a great book for beginners who want to find out about crypto currencies as well as just how far the revolution of blockchain will take us. You can download a free copy on the pop up here:




1. Great products deliver a singular value proposition. Weiner highlighted Google as a perfect example of this. Before they erupted onto the scene, AltaVista was the most prominent search engine at the time. However, because Google “just focused on their logo and a search box, “they eventually changed the world with their search engine.” Earlier in the talk, he used Yahoo as an example of what not to do. He said that “each time they went into another vertical, they encountered competition.”

2. They anticipate a customer’s needs. Weiner said that Waze is a perfect example of a product that knows what its customer wants and delivers on it. He told the audience that one day, as he was about to leave work, he turned on Waze and was about to type in his home address when a message popped up asking whether he was going home. Combining driving directions and mapping intelligence, Waze had figured out the general time he usually headed home, using this information to anticipate his daily commute time. This, he said, “sends the signal that the product understands me.”

3. They exceed expectations: Weiner told the audience that one night, he and his wife were hosting a party. He was in charge of music for the night, but because his wi-fi had just been reconfigured, his Sonos music system was not working. He called their customer service line, and was told that because it was a holiday, the offices were closing in 15 minutes. In the end, Weiner said that “the customer service exceeded expectations … the guy stayed an hour after close to help me set up music.” It helps to not only have a great product, but reliable and dedicated customer service, as well.

4. They resonate emotionally. According to Weiner, a perfect example of a product that resonates emotionally is a Tesla — “it’s like driving an iPhone,” he said. He constantly mentioned how using the product felt like “driving the future,” a catchphrase that Tesla has never once marketed. He mentioned how others have said the exact same thing about driving Tesla’s, which really hammered home the point that the best products make you feel without directly prompting you.

5. Have a meaningful impact on your life: Weiner mentioned that his “iPhone has become the control panel of [his] life.” The best products are the ones that are so helpful, they manage to change your routines and serve as an extension of yourself.

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For every woman looking to for the perfect partner; either the one they are with or the one they are on the hunt for. A step by step guide on how to take an average nice guy, and over seven days make him into the perfect lover;  an alpha male to die for, and devoted to you. Men are putty in the right woman’s hands, it doesn’t matter who he is or thinks he is. The trick is not just catching Mr Right, it’s ensuring he stays loyal and remains the best lover you could ever want.  Hard core dating advice for the woman who knows what she wants…



Probably the book that could start a world war. Conversations is an alternative look at reality through the eyes of an unlikely hero. FatMan is a super hero like no other, denser in mind and body than the average human, but more involved in the intimate workings of the universe than any person who has ever lived. The cast includes Satan, God, Tom Cruise, Hitler, Napoleon, Catherine The Great, Vladimir the Impaler, Christ, and FatMan’s wife … the world’s most beautiful woman. It takes a warts and all look at the religions of the world, with a satirical edge that takes no prisoners.



IIBLISS takes you back in time to explore the influences that govern our world, and then into the future to take a look at how we can change our stars. A book for those who care about humanity, but more for those with a mind to make a change; rather than saying ‘I’m alright Jack’. Serious, satirical and always meaningful, the world’s biggest problem faces a showdown with the world’s biggest solution. The only question that remains is.. are you part of the problem, or are you part of the solution.


The FatMan series takes sex, drugs, and fatties into a brave new world where fat hanging out is the new in. Legalised and lethal, the world faces its final calling at the mouths of humanity, munching is way through creation. Only a young naive tubster can save the world, from a fate that looks and tastes surprisingly like our own. If you like chocolate on your women, with a good lick of the brown stuff, then this is for you. Bawdy and satirical, the twisted humour suits young and old, with more than a slice of innuendo to keep and hungry reader wanting more.




We all like money, but sometimes getting enough of the stuff can seem like jolly hard work. It doesn’t have to be if you follow the steps of a simple, but little known formula that is guaranteed to make you a million; but only if you can find seven people who want it as much as you. It sounds easy, but when it comes right down to it, everyone’s got every reason not to be rich… even when you bribe them. What’s the world coming to when you just can’t find a few good men or women who want to make a million. Light skinned and dark hearted, the book is part one of two in an ongoing saga, where one mans dream is another mans nightmare, and reality turns out rather painfully when it come to making fast money.




My first book that took me literally years to write, simply because I was going about it the wrong way. I started with a subject I knew inside out.. the art of influence… using my logical mind to think things out and solve problems with through analysis. Duhhhh!! The book is a great start for anyone wanting to become good at sales and understand how to use language to sell to everyone. As a dyslexic writer, it’s not exactly easy to see the errors, but when I learned to use my creative subconscious to write, everything became very easy. It’s a shame they don’t teach your this stuff at school.