Through my research work, I’ve sought to find ways that allow us to think more expansively and creatively, in order to problem solve and release more of our potential.

The examples you see here are written using a particular process I developed, that allows me to side-step conditioned subconscious negative thought patterns, and use my mind in a natural, freely creative way, (5000 to 10,000 words a day are possible).

This is right brain thinking, which is expansive and intuitive, without the limits of restrictive left brain thought. It’s a technique anyone can develop, should they choose to invest into the quality of their thinking, by moving from a social identity of validation and conformity, into an authentic core identity of expression and expansiveness.

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As with my written work, I teach how to free draw using the creative mind rather than the limited identification of what a person thinks they can and cannot do. Anything is possible, regardless of a person’s background or education, so using a creative medium – such as drawing or writing, is a useful exercise to expand access to the limitless of the subconscious, rather than a false personal identification in line with conditioned beliefs about one’s limits.

To be all that you can be, you have to think beyond who you currently are.