Business Optimisation

The over-worked phrase in business is ‘thinking out of the box’, however when it comes to developing a business that rapidly achieves profit with minimum cost, this requires the skill to think out of the box, over the hills and far far away. This is also called ‘business optimisation’.

Whether you are a visionary with an idea, or an established business with a mission, I can develop your ideas and bring new perspectives to the table in a matter of minutes, rapidly moving you forward in the right direction so you don’t waste time.

Optimisation is a simple technique with excellent results. It can turn a floundering business into a thriving success within days. To see the angles rapidly – takes skill and experience, as well as considerable creativity, thus when you engage my services I work at a pace that will surprise you, as the ideas and concepts flow. As you will see from this site, my level of creativity is extremely high in writing and entrepreneurial thinking, and I have an extensive background in international business, on and off line.

Having created multi million pound businesses from debt and as well  having consulted with many ambitious entrepreneurs to develop their visions into thriving businesses, my work is based on a small business share or a consulting fee – the key to your success is the creative value I bring to the table, combined with a sharp understanding of profitability.


Is it the business idea, bad luck, the market, or is it the thinking of the business owner?

In reality, the vast majority of businesses fail simply because the business owner fails to invest into the quality of their thinking. Failure often starts with ego, which leads into denial and then a reluctance to invest into learning their entrepreneurial craft. People simply hope for the best – they run their businesses within their fields of experience, their expectations, their illusions and their limitations.

Business is a constant learning experience – just like having a child you have to grow with it.

Unfortunately, when you run a business from a point of ignorance, it shows to your clients, your staff and your suppliers. And as a result you lose money.

The first skill to learn – is the art of communication. How to win friends and influence people. Most people simply ‘think’ they are good at communication, and fail to grasp the importance of developing this skill both on and off camera. It applies to every aspect of running a successful business … management, negotiation,  marketing, sales, winning investment and winning business.

The second is creativity… how to see angles, analyse situations, and develop ideas into profitable actions.  We are all creative – it’s where inspiration and insight comes from, but as with every aspect of our behaviour, learning to develop your creativity within the business environment for problem solving and dynamic action – is essential to success.

The third skill is action… having the confidence and awareness to make effective decisions. Decision-making is a fundamental skill in business, and it takes constant practice to develop the habits of an effective decision maker, rather than a plodding procrastinator. One is the key to success, the other simply leads to throwing in the towel.

When I assess a business owner, I use a valued principle that is equally effective for business as it is for personal coaching:


Ddon’t do it alone. Is the business owner capable of delegation and creating a support group as a foundation of their success?

I – is the business owner keen to invest in their thinking, and do they have the desire to expand their awareness to achieve better results?

E – is the business owner aware the environment they work in has a huge impact on the results they get?

Ttime, how is time being spent and being invested for the best return?

The DIET of a business is the thinking of the owner – and thus the results are not about simply hard work, but an effective application of thought.

If you would like a provisonal assessment of your business potential, please contact me for an informal chat.