Coaches Training

The coaching I teach is a very specialised form that involves learning to use language patterns to help people make better choices. The perception people have of reality is governed by a filter that supports beliefs and values that are learned for better or for worse. When it comes to solving issues at this level we use a mixture of NLP, cognitive behavioural therapy and influencing the creative subconscious. Thus the focus is on building a student’s levels of confidence within a process that gets results and earns the higher ticket fees in the professional coaching world.

There are three stages in performance coaching …’Change, Development and Masters’. ‘Change’ means tuning the client into mutual understanding, trust and rapport on an ever deepening level. We are up against conditioning the client may or may not be aware of as well as subconscious patterns of behaviour that surface in negative thought patterns. ‘Development’ means taking new perspectives and understanding and applying them to real life situations. ‘Masters’ is where you really find their true personality evolves free of limitation with a no limits mentality.

This indiviual form of coaching has been developed over years of working with clients internationally, it is highly effective and can be applied to many issues.  It is primarily suitable to learn for someone who retains  high levels of perception and empathetic understanding, a person who genuinely wants to develop their own awareness beyond the average person and help others beyond theirs. Thus I always interview potential trainees to assess their suitability to coach at this level. This is nothing to do with IQ, this is simply to assertain whether their thought processes and awareness are compatible.

Over the 12 training sessions we look at each step and analyse the process so students become very confident in transformational performance coaching. This will include how to network, market and sell your services. The first complementary session we give as a coach is essential to master when it comes to selling a high value personal development coaching program. This is where we will start, so you can effectively sell your services and sell concepts to clients during the coaching program itself.

The training program forms a flexible business opportunity, combining training, support and advice to move students forward effectively towards gaining paying clients to recoup their investment asap (one client at the higher end will pay for the program in its entirety). We are also interested in encouraging coaches who have completed the program towards training other coaches..

Performance Coaching Trainers Training & Partner Program in Health, Wealth and Wisdom.
The purpose of the program is to provide students with a complete coaching business package and partnership program to ensure high levels of results with clients as well as maximum returns for investment.

Transformational Performance Coaching Training
Change Development and Masters. 12 x 3 hour (36 total) sessions plus email support. This is a three stage highly effective process of cognitive change based around linguistics and psychology.
The program is designed to address the three client types: long term issues, situational crisis, transformational personal development.
Accomplished over a series of 12 informal meetings, clients are coached and trained in new ways of thinking based around the five laws of the limitless: Knowledge, understanding, creativity, thought and potential.
Each of the three modules is broken down into 36 easy to refer to online schematics with support videos to maintain high levels of competency.
The emphasis is on developing your confidence levels and skills in the art of influence from the first exploratory sales meeting through to the final sessions.

Business Training
The business package is designed to give new performance coaches the tools and support to be immediately successful at at the top end of executive and life coaching.
Students are starting a business where the skills of marketing, sales and strategic thinking are just the first step in becoming a successful coaching entrepreneur.

Mindset : Contacts, consistency, confidence, communication, commitment
Sales process
AIDA Attention interest desire action
Email content for setting meetings, follow up plus data base management.
Strategic marketing partners
Alternative business strategies
Residual and passive income streams.
Pricing and negotiation.

Web site – brochure site – five pages
URL selection
Years hosting
Corp ID logo development
Product development
Digital product training.
Ready to go digital products videos, books etc.
Seminar training
Marketing and networking training

12 review videos (10 hours)

36 MindGYM Mind Map instructional videos (6 hours)

80 EasyFIT fitness and weightloss coaching videos

Partnership Program
When it comes to health wealth and wisdom, we offer our coaches immediate access to a network of professionals who they can refer their clients to and gain additional income as well as receiving qualified introductions from partners. This means there is the facility to work within a group for professional development and collaborative reasons, including speaking events and joint venture marketing.

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