13.00-13.30 Registration & Welcome Drinks

Discovering your authentic identity—for the relationship & career of your dreams
Uncovering your authentic self—away from your identity is known as your second birth, essential if you want to find peace as well as attract and keep your one true love.

15.00-15.10 Break

Empowerment through emotional intelligence – how to influence others
Knowing why you think the way you do, starts with noticing your own subconscious behaviour and then those of others. ‘Understanding’ gives us the power to help ourselves and others, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Emotional intelligence is the key to creating better more fulfilling relationships at work and at home—as well as in your love life.

16.30-16.45 Break

Accessing the creative subconscious—for free thinking without limits.
Why is it we can only access 10% of the brain? Or is there a key to unlocking the power of your feminine mind. Limitless creativity comes from the theta brain wave, master it and your mind will expand exponentially, giving you the power promised by the Secret and the Law of Attraction. Opening your mind means creating new opportunity, and this means changing your life today

18.00-18.10 Break

18.10-19.10 MIND MAPPING
The power of learning to ‘Mind Map’—how to strategies life for optimum performance.
Without a plan or map to where you what to go, it’s unlikely you’ll ever find happiness or fulfilment. Asking the bigger questions of yourself and life, gives you you the power to create exactly what you want. Mind-Mapping is is an essential skill for everyone to master.

19.10-20.10 HEALTHY BODY
Unchaining your physical intelligence —gain more energy, stamina, as well as a better posture and general wellbeing.
Chemicals in food suppress our symbiotic mind-body connection. Opening your awareness and reprogramming your metabolism is easier than you might think, a natural answer to a universal problem- how to design your body to become more attractive.


  • One Day’s Intensive immersion event
  • Evening meal and networking
  • 90 minute private coaching session
  • 4 month online coached-motivation, fitness & weight-loss course
  • Book The Ultimate Guide To Female Empowerment

20.30pm-22.00 Included Fine Dining & Networking at Loft Five

PRICE : 390CHF including dinner




Council For Human Development


Hotel Opera 5th July Dufourstrasse 5 Zürich


We all know the world is a changing place that faces considerable issues in the short term. Questions abound of—what exactly will happen when Artificial lntelligence replaces all human employment activity over the next ten to twenty years, what exactly will humanity’s value be? What exactly is your value, meaning and purpose?

Human awareness and consciousness is generally very low across the board, people don’t want to develop their minds, in fact they actively try to escape from their potential and their authentic audentity. So with this in mind—what exactly do you think the future holds for you, your family, and humanity as a whole.

In this discussion we will be looking at the alternatives that may or may not happen, as well as some of the possible solutions.

Your thoughts and reactions are what’s important here, so the evening is free as is the wine.

As you may know, as an author I write fact and fiction on social and personal development, and holding these events gives me a chance to discover what’s really on people’s minds.

So if you can make it at 6.45 on Wednesday I will guarantee this will be an evening to remember—on me.



The next event I’m holding is for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur or wants to step up their life game.

 6.45 31st May 2017

The following copy describes ‘yours truly’ – I rarely talk about my background, but this is one time I’m going to give some training on how to live a little. Most people don’t really get down and dirty into life, or ever try to follow their dreams… but with a little direction and motivation anyone can. THAT MEANS YOU, SO COME ALONG AND EXPAND YOUR MIND A LITTLE, SO YOU REALLY GET WHAT YOU WANT..

“If you’re looking to start your own business or wanting to expand your thinking when it comes to success… this one-off event will get your head spinning and motivate you in the right direction.

Our trainer has set up business from debt and turned over millions in a matter of months, he has trained top flight negotiators, CEO’s and entrepreneurs in how to think in incredibly powerful ways-that command big fees for the skills he can teach.

• Remember Wolf of Wall Street – a film about a boiler room, this guy used to be flown around the world to train the top sales people in that dog eat dog industry.

• He got off a plane in Beirut alone and started a business that turned over millions in six months. He’d never been to the Middle East, didn’t speak Arabic.

• He has been arrested many times, hunted by security forces, and still stayed to make more money, but most importantly have more fun.

• He’s trained people to sell themselves, their businesses, their ideas, their products all over the world.

• He has worked with corporations and criminals to increase their returns.

• He is very quick witted and knows what real pressure is unlike anyone you will ever meet.

• He would identify himself as of the world’s biggest under achievers, and probably the laziest person on the planet. He is a recluse when it comes to social media but would openly describe himself as an aspiring social revolutionary.

• He puts freedom before money or any kind of commitment.

• He stepped out of working for someone at the age of 25, and has spent the last 30 years doing exactly what he wanted in over 20 countries. He is a director a successful Swiss Ladies Fitness company, but spends most of his time writing books and coaching women on dating. He has an revolutionary on line fitness business and also a Harley Street Clinic to help people with behavioural issues.

Extremely alternative, very direct, this event is about getting you to think in bigger ways, to look beyond what limits you.

This event will involve humour, it will be very politically incorrect to put it mildly. Some people may be offended by the use of language and and the direct nature of the event, as it will be no limits and audience interactive in format.

No Power Point, just hard core non-stop motivation and mind expansion.


100 CHF



31st May 2017 TRAINING & WINE

Dufourstrasse 5


6.45pm – 10.00pm
100 CHF Duration Wine and water included




This event is for women and men who want to develop authenticity in their lives, in order to achieve more success and better  relationships by understanding what real awareness is.

Put simply 95% of people are asleep – up to  92% of their days are governed by the subconscious, 3% of people think they think – driven by ego, and 2% are aware. Funnily enough, most people think they are in the top 2%. Which are you?

These workshops are designed to get the grey matter working and guaranteed to have a major impact on your life, by confirming you are in that 2% and can influence your life towards positive and progressive outcomes.

This forms part of a series of hardcore events which cover many subjects including: psychology, philosophy, social dynamics, law of attraction, influence and persuasion, relationships, dating, awareness, existentialism, metaphysics, quantum physics, NLP, cognitive behavioural therapy, conspiracy and much, much more.


17th May 2017 WORSHOP & WINE

Dufourstrasse 5


6.45pm – 9.30pm
50 CHF Duration 2.5 hours Wine and water included







17th May 2017 WORSHOP & WINE

Dufourstrasse 5


6.45pm – 9.30pm
50 CHF Duration 2.5 hours Wine and water included







We all suffer the pain of a society that demands conformity over the expression of the individual. Whilst we live in democratic freedom, 80% of people are unhappy with there work life, and yearn for the opportunity to develop their awareness beyond the everyday… towards a greater understanding of who we are and the limitless potential we all have.

In this seminar/ workshop you will discover your true identity and take a journey of understanding into the world of personal development.

Combining neurology, psychology, physiology, metaphysics, existential thinking, esoteric knowledge, NLP and much more, you will begin to step beyond your expectations into developing your own personal power by accessing your creative subconscious to release your limitless energy and understanding, and in so doing manifest the life and the relationship you deserve.


The Alpha Female represents a higher state of awareness — not a high state of ego like the alpha male. 2% of the female population openly display the traits of an alpha, naturally attracting the health, wealth and vitality into their lives so few experience.

But the good news is every female has the neurological, the psychological, and the physiological potential to develop the ALPHA in themselves. It just comes down to personal desire — to be an unconscious female, or be a fully present woman.

So what does it mean to develop your ALPHA side and face life after realising your potential at a GTO event: WELL…

  • You don’t need to do anything to show you are confident — to others you just are
  • You know what you believe and you don’t have to defend it
  • You’re aware that people are often sleepers— but you don’t look down on them
  • You know how to navigate life
  • You’re not unwilling to make choices
  • You’re not afraid of being wrong
  • You’ve given up the need to be right
  • You’re capable of sticking your neck on the line
  • Your strength the comes from understanding
  • Your positive outlook comes from your high levels of personal and social awareness
  • You follow the five Laws of the limitless as best you can to pursue potential, creativity, thought, knowledge and understanding.
  • You don’t judge people, you don’t condemn people, nor do you condone bad behaviour
  • You are free and anything that restricts you is your choice alone
  • You know when to walk away
  • You don’t need a social group to find value and supply a need
  • You don’t need a relationship to find value and supply a need
  • You stand up against inequality and oppression
  • You have a vision of how a better world is possible and you help others see it too
  • You ask deeper questions – the questions most people don’t want to know answers to
  • You know success to you is talking another breath — and anything else is a gift
  • You know there is a purpose and a meaning to all things and you live your life in line with your higher purpose
  • You know you are constantly developing, and nothing will stop you — other than what you choose.
  • You’re prepared to face your insecurities and over come them
  • You want to look great and put your body into the best condition you can — because it makes you feel good not because you think society demands it from you.
  • You know you can never control life, but you know you can influence it
  • You’re aware fate is neither your friend nor your foe
  • You know Alphas are never defined by their achievements, as you defy definition.
  • You have a relentless commitment and passion for life, as well as an unconditional love for yourself and all things.

GTO EVENTS aren’t for everyone, simply because not everybody wants to be all that they can be — and of course some people think they all ready are. But for those women who want to have the freedom to attract the perfect relationship as well as develop a freedom of mind, body and spirit to live life to the full, it’s THE place to go.

This event is guaranteed to blow your mind and boost your future wealth, health and wisdom in mind, body and spirit.

50CHF Per Person 




Dufourstrasse 5


6.45pm – 9.30pm
50 CHF Duration 2.5 hours Wine and water included

There is an ALPHA female in every woman, but few women find the route to release their true feminine power. An ALPHA female is not like her male counterpart -— the alpha male, she has the whole awareness alphabet at her disposal, where as an alpha male only knows ABC exists.

The ALPHA female is not about replicating restrictive male energy in a female form, it’s the evolution of a woman into her limitless potential, embracing her emotional complexity and mastering her destiny.

Women all over the world are waking up to their ALPHA awareness, and when they do the world they have understood for so long, changes completely and so does their ability to attract and manifest happiness into their lives. For the ALPHA female — it’s not about finding a male to validate her, it’s about attracting THE ONE who will make all her dreams a reality, to share a destiny only an ALPHA female can have.

If you would like to release the ALPHA woman in you, then come along to our workshop and experience just what it’s like to have a limitless mentality, a world where your career and your relationship expectations are only limited by the expansiveness of your thinking.

This event is guaranteed to blow your mind and boost your future wealth, health and wisdom in mind, body and spirit.

50CHF Per Person 



Dufourstrasse 5


6.45pm – 9.30pm
50 CHF Duration 2.5 hours Wine and water included

So why do you need dating and relationship advice?

Well let’s look at what’s the most valuable gift you have in your life to give — no not that — it’s time. Time is the one thing you can never get back. So when you’re looking for the one, YOU NEED TO BE VERY CAREFUL WHERE YOU INVEST YOUR ASSETS AND WHO WITH.

TIME WASTED ON THE WRONG GUY IS SIMPLY THAT — a waste, and the majority of women often waste not only their love and their tears, but huge amounts of time — precious life — with the wrong guy, often for the right misplaced reasons. Or let’s put it another way, they just don’t have the skills or the insight to get, manage, or play the right one. And YES — I said PLAY.

Often the ones you want, are the ones YOU THINK can have any girl. They are the players you want to tame all for yourself. But the problem for you is — they’re well practiced in pressing your emotional buttons to get what they want, and ultimately avoid giving you what you need. Unfortunately, unless you up your game — and that does not mean playing them at theirs — you will always be on a loser . . . and losing out.

INSIGHT: Many men are actively learning and practicing pick up techniques that have become widespread on the dating scene. Techniques that get you falling for them — because you hear what you’ve been wanting to hear, not because you’ve found the one. This means they are playing you, you’re vulnerable, and you simply cannot compete when you buttons are deliberately and manipulatively being pressed for selfish reasons.

GET THE ONE (GTO)Training is not about giving women a few basic tips on what to say and how to send the right texts to keep a man’s interest, in fact we don’t even go there. It’s about increasing your level of awareness about yourself, about men, about authentic attraction, and about your destiny. It’s a training that puts you in the driving seat — because you will first have to recognise one hard simple fact:

Men only have ABC of the alphabet to deal with when it comes to emotional intelligence, and you have THE WHOLE ALPHABET to cope with. So if you want to Master men and GET THE ONE, you first have to master what’s going on inside YOU — and then TAKE LOVE ON AT THE LEVEL YOU WANT. This means YOU GET TO CHOOSE who you want, what you want, and when you want. Even how many you want in some cases.

If you’re not emotionally fulfilled — in a relationship or out, the chances are you’re going to suffer depression at some stage. But the reason behind depression, is simply because your mental/emotional alphabet is jumbled up, and YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND YOU. You might think you do, but if you’re not getting the results you want, then that’s where you need to start. Then it’s not a numbers game, IT’S A GAME OF ATTRACTION.

FIRST VITAL QUESTION : How can you attract or manage a mutually loving relationship effectively — without loving yourself first? ANSWER : Create the love you need inside for yourself, so the outside world will give you exactly what you want — because you attract like with like — it’s called the LAW OF RECIPROCITY. To become an ALPHA female, you have to learn to MASTER YOUR EMOTIONAL ALPHABET and direct it effectively, so you get the happiness you deserve and kick depression right out the door as Mr RIGHT comes running in to sweep you of your feet -— but on your terms, fulfilling your fantasies and your desires.

IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLE AND IT’S PRETTY OBVIOUS — but most women go round in circles asking friends, reading dating and relationship columns, but never training their minds to direct their emotions in exactly the way that counts. And that means towards being HAPPY-EVER-AFTER WITH THE RIGHT GUY, rather than wasting precious time sobbing in a pillow after being dumped, or never getting the right guy; bereft of the kind of love and attention you know you want, but sometimes wonder if you’re worth at all.

YEP, MANY WOMEN DEEP DOWN DON’T FEEL THEY DESERVE THE HAPPY-EVER-AFTER AND DOUBT THEY WILL EVER GET IT. They feel worthless, and try to find a guy who will validate them to solve their pain. What you’re looking for here is AN ASPRIN — NOT A LOVER. To attract a really deep meaningful love, you have to radiate a love of yourself, and work on what’s missing in you right now, before you go out trying to give just half of yourself away — and get nothing back.

Men can sense a woman who is needy and seeking validation a mile off — and that means you get used and emotionally bruised. YOU MAY NOT THINK YOU GIVE YOURSELF AWAY — BUT THE TRUTH SEEPS OUT OF YOU LIKE A LEAKY BUCKET IN WHAT YOU SAY, HOW YOU LOOK, AND WHAT YOU DO!

Unfortunately, if you go round the same circles again and again, you may lose hope, develop a negative outlook, and attract the really negative guys. They may have all the right words to start, but all you’ll find is damaged goods beneath the surface — a man you can spend years trying fruitlessly to fix, or worse still have a run on guys of the same star sign — now what’s that all about? YOU’LL FIND OUT WHEN YOU TRAIN WITH GTO.

So WHAT’S THE ANSWER — well, you already know. Don’t learn silly juvenile dating techniques to attract juvenile men, learn the adult mating game that’s been around for thousands of years. WOMEN WHO ARE AWARE — GET THE ONE, plain and simple. And the rest waste their precious time wondering why ‘that kind of girl’ got that kind of guy — when that kind of guy could have the pick of all the women. What does she know that you don’t.

The problem is, you’re looking UP at a man you like — and that’s your first BIG mistake — all you want to do is give all your special gifts to the RIGHT one. WRONG. When a women goes from DESIRABLE TO DUTIFUL — forget it. A man not only wants to climb a mountain, but needs to climb (not too hard of course) but just enough for him never to reach the summit of you and think he is an equal — unless it’s on your terms.

Ladies, I’m telling you RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW, you are the dominant in any relationship by giving a man permission to seduce you. And from there on in there is only one person in a relationship who has the brains to keep your ‘relation -SHIP’ on course, and if you don’t know how — then you’re heading for the rocks — guaranteed.

Many women reading this will find every excuse not to come to our workshop — out with friends, have the gym, on a date — whatever. But all it says to the universe is you just don’t really care enough about love to GET THE ONE. Believe me, I’ve seen it all and heard it all when it comes to self defeating strategies and being ‘MISS ALIGNED PRIORITIES’ — it’s a BIG MISTAKE in dating and relationships.

The first problem is ego — a woman’s ego. Many women simply won’t take the time to learn the most important lesson in life, how to be happy — by attracting happiness. This is a skill. And why dating sucks, depression sucks, and life can suck, is simply because you’re not aware of the simple truths that will take you where you need to go. YOU CAN’T BLAME YOU — BECAUSE YOU WERE NEVER TAUGHT HOW — BUT FROM NOW ON YOU CAN BLAME YOURSELF, BECAUSE YOU NEVER BOTHERED TO LEARN TO MASTER YOUR FEMALE ART.

Where you are now is a reflection and a result of what you’ve been thinking so far, THE QUALITY OF YOUR AWARENESS AND THE LEVEL OF LOVE OF YOURSELF. Learn to improve these two essential foundations and you will get great NEW opportunities TODAY.

No excuses -— sign up for our workshop on Thursday the 30th of MARCH and change your relationship stars. Don’t worry about who’s going, what to wear or what you should think, it all begins at the workshop, all you have to do is bring yourself. But if your two closest friends are known as ‘bitter and twisted’ — please leave them at home for the evening. This is your time to reach up and claim your birthright as an empowered woman, full of emotion, passion and desire, as well as the insight and the knowledge to master men — and enjoy every minute of submitting to your chosen man.


6.45pm – 9.30pm
50 CHF Duration 2.5 hours. Wine and water included


Kern is an accomplished public speaker, whose relaxed and engaging style is both entertaining and very informative. He is one of the few speakers who will engage with the whole audience in a live unscripted way, making each GTO training event unique, exciting and dynamic.