I specialise in performance coaching, which put simply means people come to me with a wish list, and through increasing their levels of personal authenticity… I create their dreams.

The ideal partner, a new career, a business … or freedom from long-term issues like depression, low self-esteem or the wrong partner… whatever the issue  together we can resolve it.

My work is founded on increasing my clients awareness levels, as well as their ability to create opportunity and influence outcomes. I specialise in language patterns, and use many years of expertise in working with personal, social, situational, and environmental dynamics to expand the minds of my clients far beyond what holds them back.

Whilst I work internationally with celebrities as well as those who are society’s highest achievers, for anyone who wants more from life I’m always available for an exploratory initial chat-no charge. If I can help I will, or at the very least I will point you in the right direction.


Over the last few years I’ve produced an array of novels and ‘How To’ books inspired by my relationships, friends, coaching clients, as well as the entrepreneurial adventures I’ve had all over the world. I’ve chased the meaning of life from Hong Kong to Dubai, California to Switzerland, and Lebanon to Azerbaijan, to name but a few of the countries I’ve lived in.

My explorations have taken me deep into not only the hidden cultures of the world, but also into the darker recesses of the mind to find what makes people tick; people just like you and people just like me. As well as what holds the majority of humanity back from realising its full potential.

The results can be found in the books I’ve written like ‘The Ignorance Is Bliss Principle’,  ‘How To Say Yes & When To Say No’, or ‘The Fall & Rise of The Alpha Female’,  books that paint a picture of hope and persistent faith in humanity’s potential to aspire to become one race, rather than divided by religion, politics, money, greed and ignorance.

The world is for the first time in history, at a place where the future is in all our hands to mould the way we would like it to be. It’s a window of opportunity that won’t last very long….


A unique and advanced training program designed to create the perfect body with an advanced mind – in anyone. On line and in live events, this program is designed to increase your levels of awareness way beyond 98% of the population, so you can create the life you want by using your brain the way it was designed to be used.

95% of people are asleep, they get fat and/or they get depressed as a result regardless of IQ or social standing. 3% are governed by their ego, so they are caricatures of themselves alienating people and wondering why.

2% are developing their authenticity and thus creating the life and the happiness that the other two cannot even define for themselves.

Based at its core on existentialism, the program covers: psychology, physiology, theology, cosmology, personal and social dynamics, consciousness , influence & persuasion, body mechanics, cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis and NLP, but most importantly awareness developed from a process of self actualisation.




Fitness and weight loss is an issue that is close to my heart, but as I don’t like diets or the gym , I developed a program where you can eat what you want and still develop a great body… no pain, no sweat, no weights. Using visualisation techniques and body mechanics, I’ve created a unique system that reprograms the metabolism to burn everything you eat leanly, and you can even sculpture the body of your dreams. Sounds too good, well I lost 9kg in 30 days and have a better physic than when I was in my early twenties without ever getting may heart rate up. So check it out, its fun effective and there results are immediate.



MindGYM Club

The Gym is a unique personal development training program for aspirational people and coaches who would like to develop a six figure income.  With live and online courses, it provides a unique earning and learning experience, for entrepreneurs, truth seekers and people helpers.



Now established for ten years, the clinic continues to flourish in London and in Zurich. Combining peak performance coaching with hypnosis and NLP, we provide solutions to many issues including: confidence, stress relief, pain relief, weight loss, as well as developing the creative potential in our clients to achieve their personal and financial aspirations.


My coaching work takes me all over the world working with private individuals on a variety of topics. Mostly I work through referral, with people who want to take the next step up their ladder of life and enlightenment. As always, the perfect match for any client  is a coach who can advise and guide from a point of knowledge and insight, and in this regard I work with both career and business issues as well as relationships.

I tend to work with individuals who would like to embrace a holistic approach to life that involves the mind, body and spirit, but always with an eye on achievement rather than just a therapeutic ear. FIND OUT MORE

When it comes to training and speaking, I am still very much involved with helping companies develop an ethos of success by creating the right mindset of expectation that is required throughout an organisation to maximise its growth. Communication skills are key, and this is where my specialisation lies. So whether it is influence, motivation or leadership training, I can provide a wealth of international experience and expertise to ensure any enterprise goes exactly where it should.




By combining fitness, ballet and Neuro Linguistic Programming, we have created a unique body sculpturing program for women that is having excellent results and great success in London and in Zurich. We are now looking to expand to further international cities by developing our franchise base.


My artwork represents my love of the wild, although you don’t get too many of these cats hanging around Switzerland where I spend a good deal of my time.

On occasion I take on commissions of much loved animals including birds of prey and race horses for private Middle Eastern clients.

Medium – 2mm pencil HB, 2B, a thumb and an eraser.


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