The following are a number of testimonials from a few notable clients. Each situation is different either from long term issues, crisis, or simply wanting more from life.

More details on the transformational and awareness work that I’m involved in can be sourced specifically in three books I’ve written.

  • How To Say Yes & When To Say No
  • From The Bedroom To The Boardroom
  • How To Create The Perfect Man In Seven Days

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Hi Kern,

Just thought I’d share some fun news with you. We managed to sell all nine seats in our Advanced Study program this year – a result that we’re absolutely thrilled with! It still doesn’t even seem real. We’ve just kicked off the program on Tuesday night.

Thanks again for your encouragement and training earlier this year. It was instrumental in shaking off some old habits and moving forward in a more positive, profitable direction.

Hope you’re well,
Matt & Dagmar

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When I met Kern I’d been taking anti depressants for almost twenty years, and therapy as much as twice a week to help me understand my issues.

Life was boring and I found myself being hurt by men in the same way again and again. I’d been to many gurus in Europe and India to resolve my difficulties, but without success.

Why Kern was different and changed my life beyond what I could have believed was possible, was simply he believed in me, and explained exactly how my mind was working and why I thought the way I did. Through only a few hours of conversation I gave up my medication and wrote to my therapist that I no longer needed him. It was a turning point in my life.

Since working with Kern everything has changed. I no longer feel like  I’m abnormal, a victim or not good enough. Now I have complete freedom to be me and live every moment with love of life. My relationship with my parents is like it has never been in all my life, I have meaningful relationships in my life that I value, especially in how the changes in me have affected my son in such a powerful way.

Now the people who I attract into my life have an energy that I can really enjoy, rather than people who I’d let drain me all the time.

I can’t thank Kern enough for literally saving my life, because without him – the darkness that had existed in my mind for as long as I can remember would still be there.



When I was looking to go into business, I felt like there was an impossible task ahead and I constantly worried if I would succeed. The thought of failure seemed to weigh my thinking down and I struggled to find the motivation to move forward. The more pressure I put on myself the more panicky I seemed to become.

Kern simply took that all away in our first meeting. He asked me what I was afraid of and what the worst that could happen would be. His questions led back to my deepest fears so quickly it was like he knew exactly what was inside my head, hidden away making me nervous and holding me back.

My view of what I wanted changed, and why I wanted it. I wasn’t afraid anymore.

I’d recommend Kern as a coach simply because he knows how to solve problems instinctively, and having him on my side is reassuring.



I chose Kern  through a friend who recommended I talk with him. My husband had just said he wanted a divorce completely out of the blue and I couldn’t think about anything but what he’d said and what was going to happen to our family. I was panicking and constantly in tears. I met Kern for a coffee, he listened to me and said it wasn’t a problem. He then told me what to do, and my relationship is better than ever.

Kern is very good at understanding why people say things and how people think. He made me feel at ease straight away and helped me control my emotions.



I was looking for a coach who could help me develop my fitness business in Zurich. The specific areas I wanted to address were internal management issues and motivational strategies to ensure my staff took on board the initiatives I wanted to implement.

Kern has a intuitive understanding of business leadership and management that is obviously derived from years of running businesses. He is very creative and knows how to motivate people straight away. What you get with Kern is a direct approach that is results driven, and everything he teaches you can be used to improve your understanding of yourself and the interpersonal relationships that are very important with staff, customers and suppliers.

I would recommend Kern simply because of his expertise and considerable knowledge. The time you spend with him is invaluable if you’re serious about success, and he will focus your mind on what’s important.



I was feeling stuck in my professional life and very insecure and uncertain as to which steps to take next.I came across his website and found the authenticity and no-bs approach of the materials published there very symphathic. after first initial meeting i was convinced that he is the right person to help me because he was very competent and I felt I could trust him

Kern was very helpful – he structured the process very well to work through some obvious issues first and then to move on to help me define next steps. i felt the coaching sessions with Kern provided very inspirational input to my process and also safe environment where i felt comfortable to address some not so comfortable issues.
I got clarity on the next steps to take professionally as well as the confidence to make some ‘bold’ decisions

I am a strong believer in coaching – you need to find the right person for the right issue, but does not matter how much you know or how many books you read – having a competent coach like Kern  to help you is invaluable, you need him to help you through difficulties which is are not always pleasant, but you need to feel comfortable.

I would definitely recommend Kern because of his competence, no bs approach, life experience, creative thinking and genuine motivation to help you!



I was at a point where I just did not know which way to turn in my career or my relationship. My immediate problem was with my boss and a situation that was getting out of hand.  I wasn’t looking for a coach, but a friend told me to speak with Kern. He understood how my personal ‘buttons’ were being pressed as well as my fears, and told me exactly what to do and say.

Each conversation with Kern built my strength and understanding of how to influence others and control my emotions. Kern has an incredible sensitivity and understanding of language patterns. He listens to everything, and never misses a single angle, stopping you again and again to reframe and investigate what your saying.

Kern reprograms your mind to look at life from a completely different perspective. He moved me from feeling a victim in all my relationships to someone with the courage to go beyond my fears and do what I want.



I’ve worked with Kern on my personal and business life, and the main aspect of his work that is so different to other coaches I’ve met, is his breathe of experience and expertise. He has helped me construct very important emails to high net worth clients to secure business as well as coached me on how to strategise business meetings to get the results I want. I consider my self a very high achiever in the financial world, however the edge Kern gives me is invaluable.



I was looking for a coach who was not the average life coach. I was attracted to Kern’s site because it was alternative. Meeting him for the first time, I felt at ease. He was very focused on my issues and understood the problems I was facing in my work life and at home.

I think why I would recommend Kern is because he has a very sharp and creative mind. He gave me the strategy and clarity I needed to push forward and develop my future for myself and not concern myself with what other people thought.

Picking a coach is a personal choice on budget as well as confidence. Results is really what I was looking for – Kern delivered, and then some.


Maggie Q & A’s

Why were you considering a coach ie what issues/ issue did you want to resolve ?

I was manipulated by a man emotionally and simultaneously by a business owned by women, and was having self-doubts and signs of depression.

Why did you choose kern?

Kern was referred to me by Asta, my ballet instructor who saw me in moments of extreme distress.

What were your first impressions.

Kern is compassionate and eager to listen. It is clear his goal is to get one recuperated as soon as possible to discovery all of the possibilities that exist for each person.

Did you enjoy the coaching.

Yes, very much so!

What changes in your life occurred- could you identify the areas you beniffited personal, relationship business- the support you received and the impact.

I am not distressed any more and feel confident about my ability to assess a man, etc.

How much do you value the changes/ insights the coaching gave you.

A lot. While I still have strides to make, I am nowhere near where I was when I first met Kern. The situation with that man really tore me apart.

Are you applying the five principles of the limitless to your life and has your perspective changed – ?

Yes, at times I try to apply the five principles of the limitless to my life. When I do, I notice one thing: much happier and calmer!

Would you recommend kern as a coach and why?

Yes, Kern cares about the well-being of others, and he wants to see results, so he really digs into the things that are making one doubt one’s self. .