Seven week health, wealth and wisdom program ideally suited to those either looking for an edge in life, or contemplating the field of helping others. The program is also suitable for established coaches to develop a broad understanding of their industry from personal development to business and entrepreneurialism.

The program comes in a number of levels.

Level One

Online basic training over seven weeks with close to fifty hours of material on personal dynamics, social dynamics, environmental dynamics, universal dynamics and situational dynamics. Th e program goes into basic NLP, hypnosis,development of the creative subconscious, as well as cognitive behavioural therapy.

Ideally suited to those wishing to expand their own skill levels and consciousness.

Health … body mechanics, visualisation, intensity and diet. this is a full weight loss and body sculpturing program in its own right.
Wealth … how to create wealth, business development, entrepreneurial thinking, wealth creation strategies, mindsets and wealth attraction, streetwise thinking, negotiation, and scams top be aware of.
Wisdom … the theta brain wave, meditation, the creative subconscious, confidence, positive thinking, expansive thought development and mind power.

Influence … developing skills of communication, including language patterns, suggestion, confidence, strategising, forming an argument, developing a strong metal awareness and understanding of the substructure of language.

Level Two

For those who are looking to take the first step into helping others, the program is defined towards mentoring or buddying, with the option to buddy others though the program once a level of competence has been achieved by week four of the seven week program. The program is the same as Level One, but with the addition of a course buddy and training form day one.

Level Three

This is really suited to those who wish to develop an understanding of webinars and seminars, as well as digital product development. The program is fully buddied but with the addition of training in basics marketing and business development, as well as involvement with the development of the MindGYM at mid level.

Level Four

For those wishing to develop their own online agency for the MindGYM, the package includes a branded website, email, url, marketing strategies,and mentoring form a senior partner.