Transformational Coaching

The area I specialise in could be called ‘transformational coaching’, where the clients I see want more from life, but often don’t really know what that means for them, or how to find it. They are usually professionals at the top of their industry seeking the dramatic results, other forms of coaching do not provide. They may want to create a business, change a career or find a partner, but all need the knowledge and the strategies to move forward. As I’ve travelled these paths many times, my expertise gives them what they are looking for very quickly.

The work I do is a holistic approach on many levels, that covers the why’s, the how’s, and the what can be. In most cases, detrimental conditioning is the limiting factor, and self-programming language patterns are a constant issue. These are covered by three programs called The Change Program, The development Program, and The  Masters Program (for those considering coaching for a career).

The initial Change Program runs over a series of four two hour conversations in a relaxed social environment, and lays the foundation for the other two. We cover a range of subjects that build not only a stronger understanding, but also a belief pattern/strategy that is actionable by the individual. It is a balance of the practical and the intuitive, focused on managing our environment rather than being a victim or passenger in it. Through the conversations, we work on changing language patterns and belief structures that undermine success, as well freeing the mind towards a more confident, creative and empowered state. This allows my clients to look beyond what they ‘think’ they know, into a much more powerful world. A place where all the greatest discoveries have ever come from, as well as all the world’s greatest visionaries dwell.

Opening the mind to potential is to a greater or lesser degree resisted by the conditioning of a life entrenched within a personality. Here we take a direct approach to put on one hand the certainty of limitless potential, as opposed to the other hand that holds onto the security of what has been. It’s not a battle, it’s just a natural choice made over the journey of our conversations, that takes you along the corridor of your current perspective into a room with 360 degree vision. What you choose to do then, we will only find out when you get there.

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The Tools Of The Trade

Coaching opens up the mind to alternative perspectives and new information, that in turn gives us greater freedom of mind and power to make the right choices from a point of greater understanding of ourselves and others. Higher level coaching focuses on language patterns, and subconscious behavioural influences, as well as optimising the clients knowledge, skills and insight in the area of success based thinking

Hypnosis allows us to connect with deeper issues and directions that are hidden beneath the surface,  as well as open our creative potential.

NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) sometimes called open eyed hypnosis, allow us through a number of visualisation techniques to find the route that we really want to take, as well as consider the outcomes of alternatives. It also has a range of techniques that can change limiting behaviour.

The following is a list of the basic areas we cover in the Change Program

Conditioned subconscious personal identification and limitation :

  • Formative
  • Nature / nurture
  • Beliefs & values
  • Life Experience/ interpretation
  • Social conditioning: parental, educational, peer, employment, friends, media, governmental

Conditioned subconscious Personality constraints

  • Generalisations, distortion, deletion
  • Co conspirators
  • Herd instinct
  • Defence mechanism

Basic Emotional drivers:

  • Fear of Loss Sense of Gain
  • Moving towards pleasure or away from pain
  • Fight or flight instinct

Social context & positioning:

  • Body: survival   Mind: entertainment   Spiritual: higher purpose & thought
  • Victim, passenger, driver (dependant on social context)
  • Social compliance .. Fitting in/ financial circumstances

Personal context & positioning

  • Body: focus pleasure/ fitness/ security
  • Mind: focus knowledge/ entertainment/ certainty
  • Spirit: focus wisdom/ meaning/ change
  • Thought focus:
  • Logic or emotion based

Limiting Governing factors human:

  • Social structure
  • Cultural structure
  • Religious structure
  • Prevailing fashion
  • Political ideology

Enforcement mechanism: fear

Purpose – control, gain, power

Governing factors science:

Psychology, biology, physics and metaphysics

Views on purpose of life:

  • No thought
  • Leaf on wind
  • Positive religious beliefs
  • Negative religious beliefs
  • To evolve towards limitless
  • Constraints- physical plane, imagined mental limits

Universal Mechanism to achieve purpose:

  • Interaction between people
  • Coincidence and messages from social interaction
  • Intuition
  • Faith


  • Communication skills: influencing, language patterns, questioning: who, what, why, where when, how.
  • Self -image, thought projection ( either positive or negative )
  • Knowledge is power.. wisdom is action
  • Creative subconscious
  • Channeling
  • Intuition
  • Imagination


  • Self-actualisation and choice
  • Personal mental freedom and purpose
  • Limitless potential
  • Bringing the five perceptions of life into one

Factors: self and environmental awareness.

Methods: perspective, understanding, application.

Theme. All forms of energy (ie money, knowledge, love) can be:

  1. Ignored (ignorance)
  2. Understood (knowledge)
  3. Understood and used (knowledge & wisdom )
  4. Understood, used and passed on ( knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment )

*with a change of perspective, environmental perspective has an equivalent change.