This seven minute video will explain the basics of how to lose weight and get fit without ever getting hot, dieting, joining a gym, or doing cardio exercises. It is the introduction to a weight loss and diet program I developed for myself that uses body mechanics, visualisation, and intensity to change the behavioural triggers of the metabolism.

It’s highly effective, so good that I created a whole online program to coach and motivate people towards applying the techniques in their daily lives, – so they never have to feel guilty about what they eat again. Personally, I lost 9kg in 30 days and have gone on to become fitter and healthier than I was when I was in my early twenties, all from the shower cubical.

Sound impossible… that’s just your expectations talking. Your perspective governs what you think is possible—not what is possible. If we held fast to what we believe through what we are told by the mainstream … the world would still be flat. Once upon a time in history, one person’s perspective changed that belief for everyone… for good

You don’t need to look like a planet with a growing belly and a fat face, you just need to reprogram your metabolism to burn more calories. So give it a try.