Primarily I work with people who have decided enough is enough, I want more. More meaning, more purpose, and of course… more happiness.

Whatever your desire, be it a loving and fulfilling relationship, a more rewarding career, or just to be free of the bullshit society tends to be full of these days, my form of performance coaching will achieve the results you want.

The work I do is very intensive, and beyond the capability of other coaches who do not have the breadth of my experience. Thus the people who seek out my services have already made the decision to invest time and money into their thinking and their future.

My expertise extends from many years working in psychology through my Harley Street Clinic, all the way through to creating multi-million pound businesses from scratch. So whatever your issue, difficulty or direction, you will gain a considerable advantage through choosing to work with me.

As far as my fees, they represent the level of results you can expect. In other words, if you want success, the partner of your dreams, or to resolve a destructive life issue, just ask yourself what those objectives are really worth to you; not whether you can afford them, but whether you really want them. This is the truth I see and hear in the words and actions of my potential clients, that makes me either work with them or not. If you’re not committed, I’m simply not the coach for you.

With me, you’re not paying for ego-based coaching to kick you forward,  or a soft coaching program to massage your victim status, nor will you receive basic goal setting and a handful of insights to chew on. You’re paying for a change in mindset, that will alter your life results… permanently.

From our initial free exploratory meeting, I will tell you directly as to whether my coaching is a good fit for you. If not, I will point you in the right direction or pass you to one of my trained associates.

I only take on a handful of clients at anyone time, so if you’re thinking about contacting me for a meeting, be sure you have thought about what it is you want first, and have a firm picture of what you want to achieve. If that simply means happiness, ask yourself seriously what that represents to you, and what you are prepared to do to achieve it.